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Most Popular Laptops for 2014-2015


The most popular laptops for 2014-2015 will have the traits that make laptops great and they will be affordable. Laptops have far surpassed desktops in popularity. Now of course laptops are so widely available and there are so many models that we have to decide which are the best option for your particular needs




Laptops are divided into a couple of different groups and believe it or not age has a bit to do with which laptop is popular with which group. Younger consumers say ages eighteen to twenty five are drawn to the more trendy models while older consumers are drawn to the more practical models and look for functionality.  





Another driving factor in a laptops popularity is brand recognition. If a brand is well known than it is likely to be a bit more popular the same goes in the opposite direction if a brand is not so well know that will drive down the popularity. Actually there are a few brands that are not as well known by the mass public but are very well known by gamers that produce very popular laptops for this group.  


HP,Sony,Dell,Apple all are well known brand names and all have produced the most popular laptops in years gone by. The bottom line is it is very early in the year to predict which laptops will be the most popular in 2014-2015






HP Pro Book has a better casing this year than last and has bumped up its processors. This is a great medium sized business notebook. Super portable and compact.  


Dell XPS 15 this is a favorite to be among the most popular laptops to buy. It has one of the best batteries in the industry giving 9 hours of life before it needs charging. Comes with a choice of four different powered Intel Cores. This is a great laptop.  


Dell has another winner in the Inspiron 15R a great laptop with loads of options. Comes standard with the 6 v battery for 6 hours of use without a charge but you can upgrade to the 9v for the extended 9 hours of usage.  


Alienware M11x is a portable gaming laptop, this will be the most popular gaming laptop available right now.  


You never know, there may be some surprises this year when it comes to which laptop is the most popular.. Lenovo has some great stuff coming out and they may also make the most popular laptops 2014-2015 list, we shall see.